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Guelph Millennium Asparagus

Guelph Millennium is a male hybrid asparagus variety bred in Ontario, Canada.  The plant is hardy, tolerant to cold winters and also a top performer in hot harvesting seasons.

Production and Seasonality

In UK conditions Guelph Millennium is late to emerge in the spring, on average it is 7 days later than the standard.  However it is fast to make up for this and produces high volumes of marketable spears on a daily basis.  As a result of this, harvesting costs per kilogram are less than the control variety.  See data below on yields and harvesting pattern.

General - Millennium Trials Results

Spear Quality

Guelph Millennium is well renowned for its exceptionally high quality spears.  It is a league of its own for top quality asparagus spears in the late season.  The tips remain tight at greater spear heights than standard varieties and Millennium performs at its best in hotter harvesting seasons.  In these conditions when the pressure on head quality is at its maximum, the advantage in spear quality offered by Guelph Millennium is exacerbated.

How to Grow Guelph Millennium Asparagus

In tests at the Hargreaves Plants trial site, Millennium asparagus has performed well when planted at the equivalent of 40000-60000 crowns per hectare.  The crown depth in the trial is 15cm at the time of harvest.

Guelph Millennium asparagus is currently being put through its paces in a range of agronomy trials at Hargreaves Plants.  These tests have been set up in order to discover how Millennium performs at its best.  The variables on trial are plant type, planning density and planting depth.  Hargreaves will publish results from this trial over the coming seasons.

British Asparagus Crowns

Hargreaves Plants produces its asparagus crowns on the deep sand lands of West Norfolk in the UK.  The company is careful to only use virgin soils to minimse the risks of disease and virus transfer.  At asparagus crown harvesting time, the nursery keeps to a minimum the time period from lifting to despatch to provide growers with the freshest possible plant material.

General - British Asparagus CrownGeneral - Crown Production

4th International Asparagus Cultivar Trial

Hargreaves Plants is proud to be one of the ten worldwide hosts for the latest International Asparagus Cultivar Trials.  In total, 27 varieties and selections are being tested.